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Drupal is a free open-source cms for web development. It’s written in PHP and has unlimited abilities. It’s not only fantastic for developers, but it is also fairly easy to start your first site…


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Sent from Heaven

Love is on the Horizon.

Can you feel it on your skin?
The temperature is rising
Sent from heaven in the air
Love on the horizon.

Talking on the telephone
Caught in conversation
Muddle puddles pause awhile
Don’t need more inspiration.

Light the candle dims the lights
Drink in the atmosphere
The scent from heaven sends me to
An outer stratosphere.

Floating on a sea of dreams
Touches tantalize
Wake with you beside me
An early Christmas surprise.

The new view and turn of the screw
And wriggle ‘tween the sheets
The faint façade of music
All’s quiet out in the streets.

Stars like sparkling diamonds
The whispering winds of time
I am yours without a pause
I know you are mine.

Hours pass as smooth as glass
Time stops and disappears
Sliding like a sliver
We walk past new frontiers.


David Rudder

Thanks for reading.

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