Motivation is an Outcome

Motivation is often viewed as the driving force behind our actions. We believe that if we had more motivation, we could accomplish anything we set our minds to. However, what if motivation is not…


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A Short Story

Prompt: Challenges and Obstacles

Air in the distance becomes sorrow,
determination is king of deterioration if left to unfold, it’s own,
causing a ripple effect as skipping stones on calm waters,
jaded and confused as one walks in confusion.

Challenges become desert air and usurped defintions of a cure,
observations in the causation is confusion draped in crimson tides,
whether lover becomes beloved, it is all in exultation,
causation in theoretical observance of widowed separation.

Coming inside the vestibule of contraptions,
us, tidy beings become immoral in nature,
standing apart in the silence of sounds, echos pertain,
it is the you that begets consolation in difficult times, rain on the porch becomes water.

Jump through obstacles being foundations of cutter,
inside gestation, one is found to clear all sentient beings,
selenite shines as the moon waxes and wanes,
shining always in the blue of deep sea waters, grey in matter, white in selation.

Consistency runs amok the shelter of foindations,
where rone is bewildered at the state of harmony,
it is such that growth happens during satiation, during war,
struggles become a fainting spell when the hot weather subsides

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