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Bucks County Free Library seeks exhibitors for first Comic Con

The library is looking for authors, artists, collectors and businesses that would like to participate

The Times

Bucks County Free Library is hosting its first-ever Comic Con on May 5, and the library is looking for authors, artists, collectors and businesses that would like to participate.

BCFL Comic Con events are family-friendly for audiences of all ages and will take place at the Doylestown, Langhorne and Quakertown branches on Saturday, May 5, from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Authors, artists, businesses and collectors are invited to participate by displaying and/or selling artwork, comic books, graphic novels or collectibles. Interested participants from all areas are eligible to apply, with priority given to Bucks County residents.

Table fees will vary depending on type of participant. Those wishing to display but not sell items will not be charged a table fee. All participants may distribute business cards and information.

Each participant will be provided a table and two chairs. They are responsible for creating their own table display and making change for any items they sell. All table displays must be family-friendly.

Applications must include three photographs representative of the work or items that will be displayed or sold. Submission does not guarantee acceptance. Applicants will be notified by March 31 if selected. ••

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