Why freemium is the way to go Business Model

Starting off with the basics… what really is the freemium business model? Why does it have both free and premium combined in its name? Freemium has taken over by a storm and it is a type of a…


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My Room

Poetry for a desperate heart

Is it truly wrong for me to be with another woman

to avoid being lonely

To kiss on this wonderful girl

just to keep her from leaving my side

Loving this girl out of fear

instead of pure feelings

Holding her at night

while thinking about the girl I fucked up with

It’s beginning to seem so pointless

to fall in love for the greater good of things

Why not find a peace of mind

with two different women that aren’t my ex

She could be somewhere,

Fucking the same guy

I used to tell her not to

I used to be so positive before I met her

now, I agree with reality

Is it truly wrong for me to be with another woman

to avoid being lonely

Is it truly wrong for her to love me back

even after she knows the truth

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