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Install Drupal 8 on Windows 10

Drupal logo
Drupal logo
XAMPP logo
XAMPP logo

I downloaded and installed the Drupal code with composer, what’s recommended by Drupal, and by me, for it makes the installation (for Drupal and other PHP software) much easier.

So I opened the command prompt and navigated to C:/xampp/htdocs/drupal. (Or navigate to another folder where you want to install Drupal.) Then I ran the following command:

Composer installed the code and after that automatically executed the

command, so you don’t have to do that manually.

Creating a database is optional, because later in the installation process Drupal can also create a new database.

But you must create a database user with all privileges to create and edit a database. You can also enter the root credentials during the process, but that’s not recommended.

So I opened phpMyAdmin and created a new user in the User accounts section named Drupal which I granted all privileges.

Create user in phpMyadmin
Create user in phpMyAdmin

Step 4 is to configure the webserver. I had already installed XAMPP with PHP and MySQL so I only had to start the Apache HTTP server and MySQL in the XAMPP Control Panel.

But when I realised I should look into the folder structure, the problem was solved quickly.

So I got on the installation panel and by verifying requirements it gave a warning. PHP OPCODE CACHING was not enabled. A quick search yielded I should add the following line to my php.ini file:

I also uncommented the line

After that, I had to configure the database. You could choose a name for your database here, Drupal will create one, but be sure you list the correct user with privileges to create and edit databases. I entered my credentials and on submit, the page started loading. And loading. And loading. After a while I got the following error:

Drupal already installed
Drupal already installed

I tried to enter the existing site, but that was not accessible. So I followed the provided steps to start over. When I had configured my database the second time I got the max execution error again.

to default.settings.php. That’s useful when you don't have access to the php.ini file. I added the line of code to default.settings.php and followed the instructions to restart the installation.

The installation of the site started and took a lot of time. About 10 minutes. Much more then I expected. It’s was maybe caused by my computer and there was another user account running in the background. But I noticed later too, that drupal was loading quite slow in comparison to websites without a framework on my localhost.

After that, no problems further occurred so I could finally add my first content to my first Drupal website!

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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