Book Marketing Essentials

Publishing a book can be intense. It takes a lot of writing, editing, testing, rewriting, and designing. While all of this is going on, you also need to consider how you will market the book. Book…


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Why freemium is the way to go Business Model

Implement the freemium model and see how your business will shine ✨

Starting off with the basics… what really is the freemium business model? Why does it have both free and premium combined in its name? Freemium has taken over by a storm and it is a type of a business model that has been introduced past web 2.0 which lets users use the businesses’ basic product or service for free but encourages users to pay for its advanced or the ‘more premium’ version.

The psychology behind offering a free version to the users is not because the business loves their customers so much that they want to offer it for free… but it is to let the customers experience it and fall in love with it. This way it would drive the customer to buy their premium version. So simple right !?

Picture this! You get to visit a gym for two hours, a gym with world-class equipment but you only get to visit it twice a fortnight. Even if you get to visit it twice a fortnight you only have limited access to equipment hence you can’t visit the sauna or the hot tub. This is exactly what the freemium business model is trying to achieve — you will be so tempted to try out the premium equipment and perhaps the sauna.

Maybe you just enjoy those two days you visit and you are not willing to pay but you will still end up recommending the gym to other people driving more traffic onto the business. This is exactly why Freemium works !! Popular companies like Dropbox, Evernote, Zapier, Flickr, and a lot more have implemented this and it has proven to work.

So now what really is stopping you from implementing freemium onto your business? Go ahead do your thing and let me know down in the comments if there’s anything which stops you from implementing Freemium 👋🏻

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