Metodologias utilizadas no desenvolvimento de um projeto pesquisa

As metodologias de pesquisa são diversificadas e dependem exclusivamente dos objetivos lançados pela pesquisa e apresentadas pelo seu projeto de pesquisa. A metodologia deve ser coerente com o que se…


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Why debit you get nothing from it!

Since college I owned a low limit credit card that I barely used because I was scared that I was going to ruin my credit. This is a stigma in my community that I believe should be addressed and properly communicated in order for it to make sense to people. I have managed my money well and there was no reason for me to be scared of a credit card…

Honestly I had no answer besides the fact that I was just scared of a credit card, and was never properly educated on how to own one and use it to my advantage. I also didn’t know what he meant by you get nothing… I mean what could get I possibly get from swiping a credit card…

Cash Back, Travel Rewards, Gas Rewards, Airline Miles, Hotel Nights!

Credit cards are your enemy when you don’t pay the bill in full every month! You can’t swipe for more than you don’t have in your bank account! I don’t care what limit a bank issues me, if I don’t have it in my personal account I’m not swiping for it. I take the same purchases that I would have made on a debit card and swipe with a credit card. I have earned so many different rewards. Educate yourself and practice discipline over your money!

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